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We are Life Recruiting, a boutique consultancy on recruitment of professionals for middle and top management positions in the business area for companies in the Healthcare sector.

Mariana has a degree in Foreign Trade from Mackenzie University and built her career in large executive search companies. She was responsible for structuring the Life Sciences division of a renowned British multinational, where she worked for nine years.

Paula has a degree in Psychology from Mackenzie and has always worked as a headhunter in the healthcare market, including Executive Search consultancies. She found her experience as Head of Talent Acquisition at Johnson & Johnson to be a vast learning opportunity.

All these experiences left us with no doubt we were following the same path.

Throughout our history, we have developed our own style based on balance, truth, and transparency in everything we do. Every contact with clients or candidates makes us more certain that the more personal the contact, the more profound the relationships. This way of acting has solidified an integrated network of relationships.

We aim to contribute to the development of the Life Sciences market, connecting companies with professionals who are aligned with their cultures and, consequently, with their goals.

We also want to contribute to self-actualization for those working in the organizations, enabling them to inspire and positively influence their environment and society.

The health care area requires experience and skill to read the culture as well as in-depth knowledge of the particularities and dynamics of the market.

We are a boutique that goes beyond searching for a professional in the market. We take a sensible, critical view to understand profiles and assess the current situation of both sides: client and executive.

An extensive network of relationships

15+ years of experience

Partners themselves on the front line

Delivering the project with refinement

We stand out because we are always available to the client and involved in all projects, facilitating and contributing to the goals of the organizations.

Our inspiration

Work is the human being’s path to self-actualization. It creates movement, energizes, enables a vast array of achievements, both personal or material. Actualization is a value intrinsic to us that makes us feel alive. But this is only possible when we do something with which we identify ourselves and which enables us to feel our value. Work without this connotation is merely repetition and removes us from our dreams.

We believe that each person has a role and a place. We understand that each of us has a mission, which is fundamental to the whole. We want to help people find their most valuable skills and enter a new cycle. And when this happens, paths are opened to new possibilities that can generate well-being, greater happiness, enabling people able to go to any lengths. We want to cooperate with the world, finding excellent professionals to give their best in healthcare organizations. This is our purpose; this is our work. Connect the right people with the perfect places.

In our journey, we have acquired the unique skill of identifying convergence on distinct points, connecting people with bigger purposes. We believe that, with genuine empathy, we can understand the needs of both sides and contribute to this engagement. We are the bridge connecting complementary ideas. To be part of this moment and be the link between people and their dreams is really extraordinary.

We want to be on your side and participate in your transformation, using our expertise to open the best paths for you to achieve your goals.

Life Recruiting – Connecting cultures and talents