Life Solutions


We believe that excellent recruitment demands well-defined stages, professional guidance, and following up throughout the process.



Face-to-face meeting to ensure a deeper understanding of the needs of the position and the particularities of the company’s culture; the manager and HR are included in this process.



We identify professionals for the position with the most appropriate headhunting and networking



The partners conduct the interviews.



We develop a short list of finalists. In this material, we share with the client the insights and perceptions obtained during the interviews. We are extremely flexible, and our reports can be customized.


Interview with candidates

We schedule interviews at the clients’ workplaces, assisting and preparing the executives.


Conclusion of the Process

We mediate the proposal to the finalist candidate and also ensure feedback to the others. After the conclusion of the process, we follow up on the development of the executive, contributing to more effective absorption of the culture.


Do you want a broader view of the market?

To base other strategic decisions of your company, the market can be mapped. The purpose is to identify trends so as to better perceive certain relevant variables in the Life Sciences market.

Our activities

We work with middle and top management positions of the Life Sciences market for all sizes of companies in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical and Hospital Equipment, Dermocosmetic, CRO’s, Nutrition, Hospital, and Medical Laboratory sectors.